Farmers Insurance Co. v. Zumstein

In Farmers Insurance Co. v. Zumstein, 138 Ariz. 469, 675 P.2d 729 (Ariz. App. 1983), the Arizona court of appeals interpreted the same policy language as present here. There, the court held that the phrase "furnished or available for regular use by you or a family member" excluded coverage for the person who was injured in an accident while operating a vehicle that was provided by his employer and regularly available for his use. Although the main issue in that case was whether the plaintiff's use of the vehicle in fact constituted "regular use," the court noted that the policy language "taken in its plain, ordinary sense is easily understood by the insured to mean that no coverage exists on cars that he or his family may have the right to use regularly." Farmers Insurance Co. v. Zumstein, supra, 675 P.2d at 734.