Fry's Food Stores v. Industrial Commission

In Fry's Food Stores v. Industrial Commission, 161 Ariz. 119, 123, 776 P.2d 797, 801 (1989), one medical expert testified the claimant had "baker's lung" from exposure to flour dust at work. Id. at 120, 776 P.2d at 798. The opposing expert testified the claimant had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease due to his long-term smoking. Id. at 121, 776 P.2d at 799. The doctor who made the diagnosis of baker's lung had erroneously assumed the claimant did not wear a mask while working. Id. The opposing expert testified that whether the claimant wore a mask was not relevant to determining whether he had baker's lung. Id. The court concluded that the ALJ could use the second doctor's testimony to cure the "foundational problem" in the testimony of the first doctor. Id. at 122-23, 776 P.2d at 800-01. The combined fact findings from the first doctor and the second doctor created a logical, reasonable conclusion.