Garcia v. Farmers Insurance Company of Arizona

In Garcia v. Farmers Insurance Company of Arizona, 191 Ariz. 410, 411-12, 956 P.2d 537, 538-39 (App. 1998), the appellants asserted that the insurer's offer of UM/UIM coverage was inadequate because the selection/rejection form did not specify the limits of coverage available, and unlike the offer of coverage in Tallent, the form did not provide a range of coverages and corresponding premium prices. 191 Ariz. at 411, 956 P.2d at 538. Citing the general contract principles adopted in Tallent, the Court determined that the election form did "'bring before' and 'hold out'" UM/UIM coverage to the appellants. Id. at 412,19, 956 P.2d at 539.