Ghadimi v. Soraya

In Ghadimi v. Soraya, 230 Ariz. 621, 623-24,13-15, 285 P.3d 969, 971-72 (App. 2012), another panel of this court held that a wife's appeal from a divorce decree was premature and the court lacked jurisdiction because the decree "neither determined the amount of husband's attorneys' fees and costs to be paid by wife nor contained an express determination complying with Rule 78(B) that there was no just reason for delay coupled with an express direction for the entry of judgment." 230 Ariz. at 622-24,10-14, 285 P.3d at 970-72. In support of its holding, the Ghadimi court relied on Arizona Rule of Family Law Procedure 78(B) ("Family Rule 78(B)"). Id. at 622-23,10, 285 P.3d at 970-71.