Grand Canyon Trust v. Arizona Corp. Commission

In Grand Canyon Trust v. Arizona Corp. Commission, 210 Ariz. 30, 40,44, 107 P.3d 356, 366 (App. 2005) the Court stated that 12-348 "interpreted as a whole does not authorize the court to require any entity other than a governmental entity to pay a fee award to the prevailing party." The Court concluded that 12-348 did not authorize an award for a private party intervening on behalf of the state because the purpose of this fee-shifting statute only encompassed fee awards against governmental entities, not private parties. Id. at 39-40,42-45, 107 P.3d at 365-66. Because WildEarth is not a governmental entity, the trial court properly denied the Knights' request for attorney's fees under A.R.S. 12-348.