Guminski v. Ariz. State Veterinary Med. Examining Bd

In Guminski v. Ariz. State Veterinary Med. Examining Bd., 201 Ariz. 180, 182 PP9-10, 33 P.3d 514, 516 (App. 2001), the Court held that an agency's decision regarding a disciplinary action is appealable. Id. If, however, an application for rehearing or review is allowed or required by statute, the disciplinary decision is not final until reconsideration is denied or a "decision on rehearing or review is rendered." A.R.S. 12-901(2). Specifically excluded from the definition of a "decision" are rules, standards or statements of policy of general application issued by an administrative agency to implement, interpret or make specific the legislation enforced or administered by it unless the rule, standard or statement of policy is involved in a proceeding before the agency and its applicability or validity is in issue in the proceeding. A.R.S. 12-901(2)(a).