Hare v. Superior Court

In Hare v. Superior Court, 133 Ariz. 540, 541, 652 P.2d 1387, 1388 (1982), the Arizona Supreme Court struck down an "Automated Calendaring Project" policy adopted by the Pima County Superior Court which required that "after the first trial date, no pleas will be accepted except to the charges in the Indictment and any attached allegations." The Court invalidated the policy because it prohibited trial judges from exercising their discretion as defined by Rule 17.4. 133 Ariz. at 543, 652 P.2d at 1389. In its analysis, the Hare court recognized that the policy adopted by the Pima County Superior Court was an "improper intrusion upon the prosecutorial function in our criminal justice system. . . .and that our legal system vests broad discretion in prosecuting attorneys, particularly in the exercise of plea negotiations." 133 Ariz. at 542, 652 P.2d at 1390.