Hirt v. Hervey

In Hirt v. Hervey, 118 Ariz. 543, 545, 578 P.2d 624, 626 (App. 1978) the Court applied arbitration principles to an appeal of the values assessed by property appraisers. Consequently, the rulings on legal and factual questions "are final and conclusive, except when they conflict with express guidelines or standards set forth or adopted in the arbitration agreement." Smitty's Super-Valu, Inc. v. Pasqualetti, 22 Ariz.App. 178, 182, 525 P.2d 309, 313 (1974). The parties differed on how to measure the value of the land as required by the contract. Hirt, 118 Ariz. at 547, 578 P.2d at 628. Because this was a legal interpretation on which reasonable minds could differ, the Court concluded that the appraisers did not exceed their authority or violate their instructions. Id.