Hoosava v. Industrial Commission

In Hoosava v. Industrial Commission, 1 Ariz. App. 6, 398 P.2d 683 (1965), the petitioner lost several fingers from the same hand in an industrial accident. 1 Ariz. App. at 6, 398 P.2d at 683. Relying on 23-1044(B), which lists each finger as a separate, scheduled loss, we agreed with the Industrial Commission's decision that the individual finger injuries amounted to three scheduled injuries rather than an unscheduled loss. Id. at 6-7, 398 P.2d at 683-84. The Court concluded that because all the injuries occurred to the same hand and there were no additional losses to other body parts, the finger losses were compensated properly as scheduled. Id. at 7, 398 P.2d at 684. Although Hoosava specifically addressed multiple injuries to the hand, it has been interpreted broadly to hold that injuries to multiple parts of the same extremity received in a single industrial accident are scheduled.