Immunity from Tort Liability Under the Arizona Workers' Compensation Act

In Arizona, in the related context of analyzing the special employment relationship for purposes of immunity from tort liability under the Workers' Compensation Act, the Court concluded that the contract between two employers is not determinative as to the nature of the relationship of the parties. Rather, we have held that it is "the objective nature of the relationship, determined upon an analysis of the totality of the facts and circumstances of each case, which is determinative." Araiza v. U.S. W. Bus. Res., 183 Ariz. 448, 453, 904 P.2d 1272, 1277 (App. 1995). In Araiza, Araiza, an employee of Manpower Temporary Services, was sent to work at the U.S. West reclamation plant. Id. at 450, 904 P.2d at 1274. While working at the U.S. West reclamation plant, Araiza injured his left hand, wrist, and arm while trying to unjam a cable stripping machine. Id. He then filed a negligence action against U.S. West. Id.