In re Shane B

In In re Shane B. 198 Ariz. 85, 86,4, 7 P.3d 94, 95 (2000), the issue was whether the trial court erred in retroactively applying a statute requiring the court to designate a juvenile offender a "first time felony juvenile offender," which could have subjected him to the jurisdiction of the adult court if he committed another felony offense. 198 Ariz. at 86,1, 2, 7 P.3d at 95. The statute took effect after he committed the offense but before his adjudication. Id. The Arizona Supreme Court held that retroactive application of the amendment did not violate the prohibition against ex post facto laws because the amendment was merely procedural; it did not change or increase the punishment for the crime the juvenile committed. Id. at 87, 90,6, 16, 7 P.3d at 96, 99.