Ingalls v. Superior Court

In Ingalls v. Superior Court, 117 Ariz. 448, 573 P.2d 522 (App. 1977) the Court permitted discovery of information that was the subject of a previous confidential settlement agreement entered into by the defendant. Id. at 449, 573 P.2d at 523. The Court held that the information was not privileged and that the agreement of confidentiality could not be used to "thwart a court-ordered production of material" under the broad rules of discovery. Id. at 450, 573 P.2d at 524. But we added: "We are not here confronted with the possible relevancy or lack of it regarding the sought-after information, relevancy not having been raised by the real parties in interest." Id. The Court stated, "It may well be that the relief which we grant would lead to irrelevant information improper for discovery." Id.