Jordan v. Sunnyslope Appliance Propane & Plumbing Supplies Co

In Jordan v. Sunnyslope Appliance Propane & Plumbing Supplies Co., 135 Ariz. 309, 315, 660 P.2d 1236, 1242 (App. 1983) the plaintiff's property was destroyed by an explosion caused by a used propane tank his father had purchased from a new and used propane tank dealer. Id. at 310, 660 P.2d at 1237. After surveying case law from Arizona and other jurisdictions, the Court concluded that used products dealers could be subject to strict liability. Id. at 311-15, 660 P.2d at 1238-42. The court examined the policy considerations the Antones discuss and concluded: It is enough that the seller is anywhere in the chain of supplying goods to the public, that he is in the business of supplying the goods and that the item reaches the consumer without substantial change in its condition. There is no justification for finding that used good dealers as a class cannot shift losses, distribute costs, or insure against losses. Id. at 315, 660 P.2d at 1242.