Juvenile Violation of Probation Arizona

In Maricopa County Juvenile Action No. J-72918-S, 111 Ariz. 135, 524 P.2d 1310 (1974) the Arizona Supreme Court explained that a violation of probation does not change the fact that the juvenile remains delinquent for the original offense: If a juvenile has been adjudicated a delinquent and placed on probation a violation of those terms does not change the status of the juvenile as a delinquent. This adjudication has already been made and the jurisdiction of the juvenile court established. The consequences of a violation of probation can mean a change in the disposition of the juvenile by the court, but a finding of violation of probation in no way affects the original status of the juvenile as a delinquent. Id. at 137, 524 P.2d at 1312.