Land Dep't v. McFate

In Land Dep't v. McFate, 87 Ariz. 139, 141-42, 348 P.2d 912, 914 (1960), the Arizona Supreme Court observed that the executive authority to which the Attorney General was laying claim did not belong to that office, but rather to the Governor. The authority here claimed by the Attorney General has been delegated by our Constitution and statutes to the Governor. Under Article V, Section 4, of the Arizona Constitution, the Governor "shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed." A.R.S. 41-101, subd. A provides that the Governor "shall supervise the official conduct of all executive and ministerial officers" (par. 1), . . . . Thus, the Governor alone, and not the Attorney General, is responsible for the supervision of the executive department and is obligated and empowered to protect the interests of the people and the State by taking care that the laws are faithfully executed. 87 Ariz. at 148, 348 P.2d at 918.