Lansford v. Harris

In Lansford v. Harris 174 Ariz. 413, 415, 850 P.2d 126, 128 (App. 1992), the debtor-plaintiff claimed that her bankruptcy litigation attorney neglected to properly represent her in litigation related to the dischargeability of a debt. Id. On appeal, applying Amfac I and II, we held that a malpractice action did not accrue until the underlying bankruptcy litigation was resolved on appeal. Id. at 418, 850 P.2d at 131. In Lansford, the alleged malpractice occurred in the portion of a bankruptcy action that was clearly contested. As the Court noted there, the attorney alleged to have committed malpractice "represented the Lansfords in litigation concerning the dischargeability of a debt in bankruptcy. In that litigation, the court ruled that the Lansfords' debt to a creditor was nondischargeable as to both Mr. and Mrs. Lansford." Lansford, 174 Ariz. at 415, 850 P.2d at 128.