Libra Group, Inc. v. State

In Libra Group, Inc. v. State, 167 Ariz. 176, 805 P.2d 409 (App. 1991), the Court interpreted the Arizona Highway Beautification Act in connection with local zoning ordinances. The issue in Libra Group was whether the Arizona Act preempted local zoning ordinances. Id. at 178-79, 805 P.2d at 411-12. The Court found that the issue of billboard regulation was a matter of both state and local concern. Id. at 180, 805 P.2d at 413. The Court also determined that the state had not intended to preempt local regulation of billboards. Id. Finally, the Court concluded that the legislature intended that local jurisdictions be able to impose more restrictive regulations than the state. Id. at 181, 805 P.2d at 414.