Logerquist v. McVey

In Logerquist v. McVey, 196 Ariz. 470, 1 P.3d 113 (2000), the Arizona Supreme Court responded to these cases by reaffirming the continuing vitality of the Frye rule in Arizona. 196 Ariz. 470, 489, P57, 1 P.3d 113, 132. Logerquist sued her childhood pediatrician for sexually abusing her on several occasions between 1971 and 1973. She claimed that she had amnesia about these events until 1991 and sought to introduce the testimony of an expert in the area of dissociative amnesia to explain her earlier inability to recall the incidents. 196 Ariz. 470, 472, P3, 1 P.3d at 115. After conducting a Frye hearing at the request of the defendant, the trial judge applied Frye's general acceptance test and excluded the expert's proposed testimony on the phenomenon of repressed memory. 196 Ariz. 470, PP4-5, 1 P.3d at 115.