Macpherson v. Taglione

In Macpherson v. Taglione, 158 Ariz. 309, 762 P.2d 596 (App. 1988), a seller of rare coins soliciting business nationally contacted an Arizona resident in Arizona seeking to have him purchase some coins. The resident purchased the coins and they were delivered with guarantees of value to the plaintiff in both Arizona and Michigan. Plaintiff sued the seller for fraud and breach of contract, contending the coins were inferior to the grade stated and the defendant had refused to honor the guarantee. Id. at 310, 762 P.2d at 597. The Court held that Arizona had specific jurisdiction over the defendant company and one of its officers because the company solicited business nationally, had solicited business in Arizona and had delivered the coins in Arizona, thus directing its activities at Arizona residents. Id. at 312, 762 P.2d at 599. The focus of the contract was on the interstate sale of coins delivered to Arizona.