Outdoor Systems Inc. v. City of Mesa

In Outdoor Systems Inc. v. City of Mesa, 169 Ariz. 301, 307, 819 P.2d 44, 50 (1991), the Arizona Supreme Court considered whether "existing property," as that term is used in 9-462.02, related to individual nonconforming billboards or to the entire parcel on which they were located. 169 Ariz. at 309-10, 819 P.2d at 52-53. Although the court noted that its interpretation was rooted in the policy disfavoring nonconforming uses, it held that because the challenged ordinances sought to regulate the billboards as part of the entire development site upon which they were located, the statutory term "'existing property' consists of the entirety of the nonconforming parcel, meaning the billboard plus the surrounding property." Id.