Pima County v. Pima County Merit Sys. Comm'n

In Pima County v. Pima County Merit Sys. Comm'n, 186 Ariz. 379, 923 P.2d 845 (App. 1996), three county corrections officers were fired for violating regulations and policies concerning treatment of prisoners. The County Merit System Commission overturned the terminations and imposed suspensions. Id. at 380, 923 P.2d at 846. The trial court reinstated the dismissals of the officers. Id. Reviewing the record to determine whether it supported the Commission's "substitution of its opinion for that of the Department regarding the mode of discipline most appropriate for appellants," the appeals court applied the Gottsponer criteria and concluded that the dismissals were not shockingly disproportionate to the offense and therefore the Commission should not have substituted its opinion of an appropriate disciplinary measure. Id. at 381-82, 923 P.2d at 847-48.