Pioneer Trust Co. of Arizona v. Pima County

In Pioneer Trust Co. of Arizona v. Pima County, 168 Ariz. 61, 811 P.2d 22 (1991), a conditional rezoning had been granted, the minutes of the board of supervisors' meeting had been approved, but the rezoning ordinance itself was not to be adopted until the conditions had been satisfied. The Court concluded that the approval of the rezoning, although conditional, was a legislative act subject to referendum and that the minutes from the meeting approving the conditional rezoning constituted a copy of the "resolution" for referendum purposes. Id. at 64-67, 811 P.2d at 25-28. It further held that, under 19-142(C), the thirty-day period for filing referendum petitions does not begin until a full and correct copy of the ordinance or resolution or the approved minutes is available to the public, regardless of when an individual or organization applies for an official referendum number. 168 Ariz. at 67-68, 811 P.2d at 28-29.