Pleak v. Entrada Property Owners Association

In Pleak v. Entrada Property Owners Association, 207 Ariz. 418, 87 P.3d 831 (2004) the Arizona Supreme Courtaddressed the question of "whether Arizona continues to recognize common law dedications of roadway easements for public use." 207 Ariz. 418, P1, 87 P.3d at 833. It concluded that common law dedication had not been abrogated by statute and that Arizona still recognizes the doctrine. Id. PP 19-20. The court described the doctrine as follows: An effective dedication of private land to a public use has two general components--an offer by the owner of land to dedicate and acceptance by the general public. No particular words, ceremonies, or form of conveyance is necessary to dedicate land to public use; anything fully demonstrating the intent of the donor to dedicate can suffice. Id. P21