Question of Standing In Arizona

In Arizona, "the question of standing . . . is not a constitutional mandate since we have no counterpart to the 'case or controversy' requirement of the federal constitution." Armory Park Neighborhood Ass'n v. Episcopal Cmty. Servs., 148 Ariz. 1, 6, 712 P.2d 914, 919 (1985). "Nonetheless, in addressing questions of standing, we are confronted with 'questions of prudential or judicial restraint,' and will impose that restraint to insure that 'the case is not moot and that the issues will be fully developed by true adversaries.'" Blanchard v. Show Low Planning & Zoning Comm'n, 196 Ariz. 114, P19, 993 P.2d 1078, P19 (App. 1999), quoting Armory Park, 148 Ariz. at 6, 712 P.2d at 919 .