Regnier v. Industrial Commission

In Regnier v. Industrial Commission, 146 Ariz. 535, 707 P.2d 333 (App. 1985), because the claimant had been paralyzed in an industrial accident, he requested payment for a procedure that could allow him to become a father by having his sperm artificially inseminated into his wife. On review of the ALJ's denial of the request, Division One held that the procedure could qualify as "medical benefits" within the meaning of 23-1062(A). Regnier, 146 Ariz. at 539, 707 P.2d at 337. Although there is no indication the employer in Regnier argued the procedure was an invalid provision of benefits to a third party, the court noted the procedure was compensable because it "would replace a bodily function lost as a result of the injury." Regnier, 146 Ariz. at 538, 707 P.2d at 336.