Rodriguez v. Jackson

In Rodriguez v. Jackson, 118 Ariz. 13, 574 P.2d 481, 482 (Ariz. Ct. App. 1977), the injured plaintiff brought a medical malpractice action against the defendants--physicians who prescribed an excessive amount of Streptomycin to address the plaintiff's tuberculosis diagnosis, resulting in permanent neural damage. Among other experts, the plaintiffs designated a pharmacologist to testify concerning the physician's breach of the standard of care. Id. at 484. The Arizona Court of Appeals stated that: More than twenty-three hundred years ago Aristotle wrote, in his work on Politics, wrote : As a physician ought to be judged by the physician, so ought men to be judged by their peers. And for centuries the courts of this and other countries have, almost without exception, held that expert medical evidence is required to establish negligence respecting the service a physician or a surgeon renders his or her patient. Rodriguez, 574 P.2d at 485. Although the pharmacologist was qualified to testify regarding the effect of Streptomycin, the court held that she could not opine concerning whether the physicians were negligent. Id. at 485.