Roe v. Ariz. Board of Regents

In Roe v. Ariz. Board of Regents, 113 Ariz. 178, 180, 549 P.2d 150, 152 (1976), a pregnant woman challenged a statute which prohibited abortions at "any facility under the jurisdiction of the board of regents," in that case the University Hospital, unless necessary to save the life of the pregnant woman. Regents, 113 Ariz. at 178, 549 P.2d at 150. Because the plaintiff did not demonstrate that the University Hospital was the only reasonable choice available to provide the abortion, the court held that the statute did not significantly interfere with her right to choose to have an abortion. Id. at 180, 549 P.2d at 152. The court explained that: The whole matter is in reality a matter of preference. Even as plaintiff does not have an absolute right to an abortion on demand, she also does not have the right to select any public facility she chooses for an abortion. If there are alternate adequate public facilities available to her, her right of choice has been protected, and she cannot complain that she would rather have a different facility. Id.