Rollins v. Vidmar

In Rollins v. Vidmar, 147 Ariz. 494, 711 P.2d 633 (App. 1985), the Arizona plaintiff's daughter, who lived with her husband in California, contacted plaintiff and asked to borrow money to help the couple purchase a house in California. Plaintiff withdrew funds from her Arizona savings account and sent them to California. Plaintiff received several loan repayments in Arizona prior to the payments ceasing when the daughter and her husband filed for divorce in California. Plaintiff brought a breach of contract action in Arizona, which was dismissed for lack of personal jurisdiction. Id. at 495, 711 P.2d at 634. In reversing, the Court held that the contract was made in Arizona because the money was solicited from Arizona, came from Arizona and repayment was made to plaintiff in Arizona. Id. at 495-96, 711 P.2d at 634-35. The court concluded that the defendant had reasonable notice that if litigation was needed, it would well be expected to take place in Arizona so that defendants purposefully availed themselves of the privilege of conducting activities within Arizona. Id. at 496-97, 711 P.2d at 635-36.