Roosevelt Elem. Sch. Dist. No. 66 v. Bishop

In Roosevelt Elem. Sch. Dist. No. 66 v. Bishop," 179 Ariz. 233, 877 P.2d 806 (1994), parents and school districts argued, and our supreme court found, that the complex public school statutory financing scheme for school facilities violated the provision of Article 11, Section 1 of the Arizona Constitution that there shall be "a general and uniform public school system." Bishop, 179 Ariz. at 235, 242-43, 877 P.2d at 808, 815-16. It found that the state's financing scheme caused disparities among school districts and that "the districts are entitled to a declaration that the existing statutory scheme for the financing of public schools in Arizona fails to comply with Article 11, Section 1 because it is itself the source of substantial nonuniformities." Id. at 243, 877 P.2d at 816. Consequently, the court held that "the Arizona Constitution requires the legislature to enact appropriate laws to finance education in the public schools in a way that does not itself create substantial disparities among schools, communities or districts." Id.