Rudolph v. Arizona B.A.S.S. Federation

In Rudolph v. Arizona B.A.S.S. Federation, 182 Ariz. 622, 898 P.2d 1000 (App. 1995), a fishing contest participant injured a jet skier, and this Court determined that the sponsor of the contest owed a duty of due care to the skier. Rudolph, 182 Ariz. at 623-24, 898 P.2d at 1001-02. However, the fishing club not only sponsored the event, and designed and conducted the tournament, but also assumed a duty of care over the area by obtaining a government permit that specifically required the sponsor to ensure the safety of persons around the lake: "the permittee shall assure that all participants operate boats in a safe and reasonable manner without endangering the peace and safety of other persons in and about the lake." Id. at 623, 898 P.2d at 1001.