Shelby School v. Ariz. State Bd. of Educ

In Shelby School v. Ariz. State Bd. of Educ., 192 Ariz. 156, 167, P 48, 962 P.2d 230, 241 (App. 1998), the State Board of Education required charter school applicants to pass a credit check in order to receive a charter contract. Id. at 161, P 7, 962 P.2d at 235. Although the credit check was being done in order to implement the approval mandate of A.R.S. 15-183(C)(2), the Court determined that "although the creditworthiness requirement might appear to implement the charter schools statute, on close examination it instead is merely an element to be considered by the Board to aid it in exercising its discretion in the awarding of school charters." Id. at 160, 167, PP 2, 48, 962 P.2d at 234, 241.