Shoen v. Shoen

In Shoen v. Shoen, 167 Ariz. 58, 804 P.2d 787 (App. 1990), dissident corporate shareholders brought an action in superior court against other shareholders and as part of the action sought a preliminary injunction to cancel the issuance of certain stock to the others. Id. In discussing the basis upon which such relief could be granted, the Shoen court delineated the "four traditional equitable criteria" that an applicant for a preliminary injunction must satisfy: A strong likelihood that he will succeed at trial on the merits; The possibility of irreparable injury to him not remediable by damages if the requested relief is not granted; A balance of hardships favors himself; and 4) Public policy favors the injunction. Id. at 63, 804 P.2d at 792.