State v. Huskie

In State v. Huskie, 202 Ariz. 283, 285, P 4, 44 P.3d 161, 163 (App. 2002), the trial court issued a written judgment awarding child support arrearages to a child's mother more than three years after the child became emancipated. 202 Ariz. at 284, P 1, 44 P.3d at 162. The father appealed, arguing that the court's judgment was statutorily time barred under A.R.S. 25-503(I). Id. On appeal, the court agreed with the father, stating that, under A.R.S. 25-503(I), unpaid child support judgments that have not been reduced to written judgments expire within three years of the emancipation of the child in question. Id. at 285, P 6, 44 P.3d at 163. In addition, the court noted that "we may not judicially alter the clear wording of . . . statutes to avoid their force and effect." Id. at 286, P 11, 44 P.3d at 164.