State v. Jansing

In State v. Jansing, 186 Ariz. 63, 70, 918 P.2d 1081, 1088 (App. 1996), overruled on other grounds by State v. Bass, 198 Ariz. 571, 576, P13, 12 P.3d 796, 801 (2000) the Court reached the same result in a fact situation that differed only because "the victim of defendant's aggravated assault was a passenger in her own car," and she, therefore, "knew that he was present and under fifteen." In rejecting the State's contention that a dangerous crime against children had been committed, we recognized that such a crime requires that the "defendant's conduct must be focused on, directed against, aimed at, or target a victim under the age of fifteen" and that the defendant must "prey specifically upon children." Id.