State v. Machado

In State v. Machado, 226 Ariz. 281, n.2, 246 P.3d 632, 635 n.2 (2011) the defendant introduced evidence that the third party had threatened the victim, had an uncontrollable temper, and did not attend a date the night of the murder. Machado, 224 Ariz. 343,8, 230 P.3d at 1165. The trial court precluded other third-party culpability evidence, including that the police had obtained a search warrant related to the third party. Id.9. The Court reversed the conviction based on the exclusion of the third-party culpability evidence. Id.1. As to the police evidence, we determined that officers' subjective beliefs are typically inadmissible, but that in that case, some of the evidence was relevant "contextual information." Id.55.