State v. Medrano-Barraza

In State v. Medrano-Barraza, 190 Ariz. 472, 474, 949 P.2d 561, 563 (App. 1997), after finding a Rule 17 violation, the Court remanded to the superior court "for an evidentiary hearing on defendant's awareness or ignorance of the matters on which the court failed to inform him." 190 Ariz. at 474, 949 P.2d at 563. In so doing, the Court directed the court on remand to "determine whether the extended record shows defendant had knowledge" of the matters omitted from his Rule 17 colloquy and then, if defendant was shown to have been ignorant of those matters, to "determine whether such lack of knowledge was relevant and material" to the defendant's admission. Id. at 475, 949 P.2d at 564.