State v. Nordstrom

In State v. Nordstrom, 200 Ariz. 229, 25 P.3d 717 (2001), the Arizona Supreme Court stated: Absent exigent circumstances, the Fourth Amendment requires police officers to knock and announce their presence before entering a home to serve a search warrant. Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) section 13-3916 codifies this constitutional requirement: "An officer may break into a building . . . to execute the warrant when . . . after notice of the officer's authority and purpose, the officer receives no response within a reasonable time . . . or the officer is refused admittance." If an officer violates this requirement, evidence obtained in the search is inadmissible. 200 Ariz. at 245-46, P 45, 25 P.3d at 733-34 Nordstrom neither cited nor relied on the Arizona Constitution. Its holding was based on state statutes and the federal constitution.