State v. Rodriguez-Gonzales

In State v. Rodriguez-Gonzales, 164 Ariz. 1, 790 P.2d 287 (App. 1990), the defendant returned to a bar from which he earlier had been ejected and fired four shots into the bar, intending to shoot the security guards. 164 Ariz. at 1, 790 P.2d at 287. His shots hit two security guards and a bystander. Id. Even though the defendant intended to shoot only the guards, he was convicted of attempted murder of all three actual victims. Id. His intent to shoot the guards was properly transferred to support the crime of attempted murder of the bystander. Id. at 3, 790 P.2d at 289. Thus, under 13-203(B)(1), the fact that a defendant completes his intended crime will not prevent his liability for the same harm caused to unintended victims. Id. at 2, 790 P.2d at 288.