State v. Smith (2000)

In State v. Smith, 198 Ariz. 568, 12 P.3d 243 (App. 2000), the defendant was convicted of a drug-related offense and placed on intensive probation. Id. at 569, 2, 12 P.3d at 244. He then committed another drug-related offense that violated the terms of his intensive probation. Id. at P 3. During sentencing, the trial court reinstated the defendant on intensive probation for the violation. Id. at P 4. On appeal, the Court emphasized that "felonious violations of intensive probation are expressly subject to mandatory imprisonment pursuant to A.R.S. 13-917(B)" and that under 13-917(B) "the trial court was required, as a matter of law, to sentence Defendant to prison." Id. at 7, 10.