State v. Tyrrell

In State v. Tyrrell, 152 Ariz. 580, 582, 733 P.2d 1163, 1165 (App. 1986), the Court held that the prosecutor had not improperly vouched for the credibility of a police officer witness by asking the defendant if he could "'think of any reason why the officer would come to court and perjure himself and risk fourteen years on the police force.'" Citing People v. Cornes, 80 Ill. App. 3d 166, 399 N.E.2d 1346, 35 Ill. Dec. 818 (Ill. App. 1980), the Court also found any error relating to that cross-examination harmless, even assuming that "it is improper for the prosecutor to ask a defendant his opinion about the veracity of another witness." Tyrrell, 152 Ariz. at 582, 733 P.2d at 1165.