State v. Valdez

In State v. Valdez, 182 Ariz. 165, 894 P.2d 708 (1994) the Court addressed Multiplicity of sexual exploitation of a minor charges. In that case, Valdez delivered a roll of film to a store for development. After the film was processed, a store employee alerted police that the photographs might constitute child pornography, and the photographs were seized before Valdez returned to the store to claim them. Valdez was convicted of, among other offenses, five counts of sexual exploitation of a minor based on five pictures developed from the roll of film. The Valdez court found that possession of one roll of undeveloped film constituted possession of one visual or print medium and since Valdez possessed only one visual or print medium, four of the five convictions of sexual exploitation of a minor were multiplicitous. 182 Ariz. at 170.