Strube v. Strube

In Strube v. Strube, 158 Ariz. 602, 606, 764 P.2d 731, 735 (1988), an ADOC inmate was not permitted to attend his divorce trial. 158 Ariz. at 604, 764 P.2d at 733. The supreme court stated as follows the only issue it resolved in that case: "On the state of the record before the trial court, was the husband entitled to be personally present at the trial held on his wife's petition for dissolution?" Id. In answering that question in the affirmative, the court noted that the inmate failed to request that "prison officials" transport him to court, id.; stated that all parties, including "custodial officials," should be allowed to respond to such a request, id. at 606, 764 P.2d at 735; and concluded that the trial court should have balanced the interests of the inmate against the interests of the other parties and the state, "including the authorities having custody of the prisoner." Id. at 605, 764 P.2d at 734.