Travaini v. Maricopa Cnty

In Travaini v. Maricopa Cnty., 9 Ariz. App. 228, 450 P.2d 1021 (1969), the City of Phoenix refused to issue a permit to Maricopa County to connect county hospital facilities being constructed within city boundaries to an existing city sewer line. 9 Ariz. App. at 228, 450 P.2d at 1021. The trial court issued a writ of mandamus compelling the city to permit the connection and the city appealed. Id. The Court affirmed, holding that "once a city undertakes to provide a service to the people in the city it must provide that service adequately and on an impartial and non-discriminatory basis." Id. at 229, 450 P.2d at 1022.