Travaini v. Maricopa County

In Travaini v. Maricopa County, 9 Ariz. App. 228, 450 P.2d 1021 (1969), an owner of property located within the boundaries of the City of Phoenix sought to connect to a city sewer line. Id. at 228, 450 P.2d at 1021. The city denied the owner's request on the grounds that the sewer line would be overburdened by the additional connection. Id. The Court affirmed the superior court's issuance of a writ of mandamus compelling the city to permit the sewer connection. Id. at 229-30, 450 P.2d at 1022-23. The Court held that "although there is no requirement that the City provide sewer services . . . once a city undertakes to provide a service to the people in the city, it must provide that service adequately and on an impartial and non-discriminatory basis." Id. at 229, 450 P.2d at 1022.