US West Communications, Inc. v. Arizona Corp. Comm'n

In US West Communications, Inc. v. Arizona Corp. Comm'n, 197 Ariz. 16, 23, P 29, 3 P.3d 936, 943 (App. 1999) the Court held that the Commission's rules: (1) requiring CC&Ns and setting conditions for their issuance; (2) compelling local exchange carriers to provide interconnection arrangements with other carriers and give equal access to customers to choose long-distance services; (3) setting quality service standards; (4) setting forth administrative requirements; (5) discussing billing and collection practices, did not implicate the Commission's plenary ratemaking power and were therefore subject to attorney general review and certification. 197 Ariz. at 24-25, PP 32-33, 36, 3 P.3d at 944-45.