University Medical Center, Corp. v. Pima County

In University Medical Center, Corp. v. Pima County, 188 Ariz. 453, 937 P.2d 375 (App. 1996), Pima County argued it should not be liable for the "full billed" amount of hospital expenses incurred for the care of a felon in its custody. Id. at 454, 937 P.2d at 376. The county claimed it was only authorized to pay for medical expenses at a reduced rate and furthermore the medical center had uniformly accepted such discounted payments in the past. Id. at 455, 937 P.2d at 377. The ultimate question presented was whether the statutory discount for indigent patients in the county's care was applicable to the facts presented. The Court concluded it was not and held only that "in the absence of statutory support for a discounted rate," a discount for hospital services could not be judicially mandated. Id. at 455-56, 937 P.2d at 377-78. University Medical did not involve a claim for restitution; we neither addressed the reasonableness of the charges billed by the hospital nor did the Court consider the propriety of any reimbursements made in relation thereto. Id. at 454, 937 P.2d at 376.