Walker v. Burr

In Walker v. Burr, 73 Ariz. 129, 130, 133, 238 P.2d 950, 951, 953 (1951), the Arizona Supreme Court held that the provision now codified as 12-2007(C) permits a law enforcement officer who has been discharged to appeal a merit council's decision beyond the superior court. In addition, a right of appeal to this court is recognized or implicitly provided by 38-1004(B)(2) and (C)(2). These subsections require an award of costs and attorney fees to be suspended if a certain party "appeals the decision of the court." Id. In keeping with our precedents, we therefore conclude we have jurisdiction over the present appeal because the proceeding is one "permitted by law to be appealed from the superior court" under 12-120.21(A)(1).