Young Candy & Tobacco Co. v. Montoya

In Young Candy & Tobacco Co. v. Montoya, 91 Ariz. 363, 370, 372 P.2d 703, 707 (1962), the defendants' vehicle hit a pedestrian who was in a crosswalk, and they appealed from the trial court's refusal to reduce the "excessive" verdict of $25,000. Id. at 365-66, 372 P.2d at 704. The Arizona Supreme Courtstated that if the verdict was "reasonably supported by the evidence, when the trial is free from error," the verdict should stand unless "the jury has mistakenly applied the wrong principles in estimating the damages or was actuated by improper motives or bias indicating passion or prejudice." Id. at 370, 372 P.2d at 708. Because the trial court had upheld the jury's verdict and the supreme court found no reasonable basis to disagree, it affirmed the verdict. Id.