Zilisch v. State Farm Mutual Insurance Co

In Zilisch v. State Farm Mutual Insurance Co., 196 Ariz. 234, 995 P.2d 276 (2000), the policy had a $ 100,000.00 limit. 196 Ariz. at 236, P 3, 995 P.2d at 278. In December of 1991, the claimant made a policy limits demand on the insured based on permanent damage to her left eye. Id. at P 4. Six months later after further medical information confirmed that the injuries were permanent, the policy limits demand was reoffered. Id. at P 7. In either October or November of 1992, State Farm, the insurer, rejected the policy limits demand and offered a settlement in the amount of $ 55,000.00. Id. at PP 10-11. This offer was rejected in that same time period. Id. at P 11. The matter proceeded to arbitration, where an award of more than twice the policy limits was entered. Id. at 237, P 12, 995 P.2d at 279. State Farm then paid the policy limits of $ 100,000.00, fourteen months after the initial demand and an arbitration award of more than twice the amount of the policy limits had been entered. Id.