Bostic v. Bostic

In Bostic v. Bostic, 229 Ark. 127, 313 S.W.2d 553, the Court, in quoting from 27 C.J.S., Divorce, 322, p. 1245, said: "The fact that a divorced husband has remarried or was contemplating remarriage is not alone ground for reducing the amount of the allowance, although it is a circumstance that may be considered in weighing the equities of the situation; and the same rule applies to the remarriage of the wife, at least in the absence of an assumption by the second husband of any obligation to support the children of the first marriage; nor is the remarriage of both husband and wife to third persons, in itself, regarded as such a change of circumstances as requires a modification of the allowance. Certainly, the remarriage is not a ground for modification in this case; the record reflects that Mr. Green married his present wife shortly after obtaining the divorce, and was well aware, at the time he asked the court, through his complaint, to enter the educational fund provision, that he was fixing to assume additional obligations, viz., a second wife and a step-daughter."